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Jesus Son of God—Son of Man Jesus Is Our Pattern

A Commentary on the Book of John

This is a commentary like no other today. It reveals the true nature of Jesus as He walked on the earth and fulfilled the very necessary role that was required because of Adam’s fall. It fulfills the passage of I Corinthians 15:45—the last Adam. Jesus had to be like us in order to take our place. He was not God in flesh as preached today from most pulpits. He was the manifestation of God, His Father. Manifestation is the key word. He was God manifested in the flesh. When the Apostles saw Jesus in action, they saw God the Father, John 14:9-11. We can see God in Jesus.

Another important message is that Jesus was our pattern. We, the Church, should be doing the things that He did today. He Said to the disciples:“As the Father sent Me, so send I you.”John 20:21. Then He included us in His prayer in John 17:20-21.

Those who believe in the doctrine of the Trinity have translated the Bible. This came from Constantine and the first Nicene Creed in the 300s AD with the penalty of death involving over 200 Bishops if they did not sign it as he commanded. It seems that two were willing to die for the truth. All that was required to emphasize that Jesus was God just involved some prepositions and pronouns. However, the bulk of Jesus’ confession indicates otherwise.

The Prologue is the foundation of proof that Jesus was a human being just like you and me. The Lord told me that most everyone is a product of someone else’s teaching today. However, when I was first filled with the Holy Spirit in my mid-twenties Jesus told me to let Him teach me. I have been faithful to that command for nearly 65 years. This commentary is the result of that command.